Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website - Part II 7 July 2015

Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website - Part II

Never Underestimate SEO

If your site is not search-engine optimized, you are basically eliminating almost all possibility for organic traffic or casual encounters to your site. There are always optimizations to be made and you should always be looking at ways to improve your search ranking. Whatever your technology solution, make sure it works well with leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website – Part I 13 April 2015

Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website – Part I

Review your Website Design

Remember your company's website is your first impression for potential customers. You only have few seconds to engage visitors and keep them on your site, it is important that your messaging be clear the moment customers hit your home page.

Making Your Website Easy to Use

If you are starting at the ground level, it is vital to have both information architects and technical developers in the creative development process.

DNN Course: DotNetNuke Skinning 6 August 2013

DNN Course: DotNetNuke Skinning

Single Day $500

Upcoming Classes: Sep 23; Nov 11   Register

This course will span 1 day (8 hours) and teach developers already familiar with HTML and CSS how to apply their skills in the DotNetNuke environment. Upon completion, students will have completed at least one DNN skin, explored all of the standard DNN skinning controls and documentation, and worked with some preferred third party menu systems (Telerik) to achieve professional results.

DNN Course: DotNetNuke Administration 3 November 2011

DNN Course: DotNetNuke Administration

2 Day Course - $500 per Day

Upcoming Classes:  Sep 21-22; Nov 9-10   Register

This is an entry-level course. It will span two days (16 hours) and cover all aspects of DotNetNuke setup, configuration, best practices, and real life scenarios for use. This instructor-led course will provide an introductory overview of the DotNetNuke portal web application, including basic set up and administration of DotNetNuke sites.

Audience: This course is intended for people who are unfamiliar with DotNetNuke and will need to interact with a DotNetNuke web site in an administrative or technical capacity. Attendees need not be technical.