Cloud Services to Maximize Productivity in Your Business

Increase Efficiency, Yield Results

Cloud Services to Maximize Productivity in Your Business

Technologies will compete for prime productivity, as companies continuously venture to become more prolific, profitable, and secure. Storage and office in the cloud are quickly becoming the most adopted business platforms, improving accessibility, security, and collaborative team engagement. The two powerhouses leading the race: Microsoft and Google.

Depending on the needs of your organization, each carries its own benefits. While Microsoft continues to be the dominant, universal office platform, Google’s internet and mobile roots may provide added features and flexibility to users with more specific and creative demands.

Google: Apps & Drive
The last decade, Google has been a leader in cloud computing, growing their platform with even greater accessibility. It’s all about knowing how to maximize the potential of Google Drive.

Start boosting your Google experience by utilizing a variety of applications, including Docs and Sheets, and enhance those apps with add-on features, like dictation, to better tailor to your business needs. Google also offers template galleries and allows you to create and access generic documents shared within your domain. If needed, you can edit files offline and work within the Chrome browser, on a Chrome device (like the Chromebook) or download the Drive desktop client.

Other great components include integration between Google Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts. Create your invite, send Google Drive files within the invitation or collaborate with team members via video Hangout. They also offer tools such as Forms, allowing information and feedback to be gathered, and Optical Character Recognition, which allows you to scan images and PDFs for text, making them searchable.

Office 365 & OneDrive
Simply put, if your business runs on Microsoft Office, by now you should have upgraded to Office 365. A great benefit over Google is the ability to keep a local installation of your applications, while also leveraging the power of the cloud. With OneDrive, you can access everything from email, documents, presentations and calendars via the web, from any device. As with Google, if modifications are made to local documents while offline, they are updated when a connection is restored.

Within Office 365, is the ability to seamlessly integrate and collaborate. Large mailboxes accommodating substantial attachment sizes, integrated calendars, contacts, online meetings, and messaging allows your team to work together, accessing shared portals for up-to-date documentation, tracking edits and participating in group communications.

Microsoft has been delivering secure and scalable solutions for years, therefore the most inviting aspect of Office 365 is using tools with which you’re already familiar and formats you know are widely accepted throughout the business world.

So, what’s the best option for your organization? Contact us today, and we can help you evaluate the most effective choice for operating your business in the cloud, maximizing your team engagement and ensuring the right technology advancement for your success!