DNN Course: DotNetNuke Skinning

Single Day $500

DNN Course: DotNetNuke Skinning

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Single Day $500

This course will span 1 day (8 hours) and teach developers already familiar with HTML and CSS how to apply their skills in the DotNetNuke environment. Upon completion, students will have completed at least one DNN skin, explored all of the standard DNN skinning controls and documentation, and worked with some preferred third party menuing systems (Telerik) to achieve professional results.


  • Strong understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of W3C Standards compliance
  • Basic understanding of DotNetNuke
  • Basic skills in Photoshop or Fireworks graphics editing

Audience: This course is targete specifically to graphic designers and developers who want to design skins and containers for DotNetNuke web sites.

At course completion:
Students will be able to:

  • develop custom DNN skins
  • package and deploy skins
  • apply existing skins
  • implement third party controls in skins

Course Topics

Section 1:  DotNetNuke Skins - A First Look
·        What is a DNN Skin
·        Skin Elements (Skins,Containers, and Controls)
·        Download and Review Skinning Documentation
·        Default Skins
·        Installing and Managing Existing Skins in DNN - The Skins Tab
·        Skin File and Directory Structure
Lab 1:  Installing a DNN Skin
Section 2:  Design Considerations
·        Designing with a CMS and client driven content
·        Design vs. Function in CMS
·        Characteristics of successful designs
Section 3:  HTML Skinning
·        HTML Skin objects and tokens
·        HTML Skin manifest
·        HTML Skin packaging
Section 4:  Building .ASCX Skins
·        Introduction to .ascx files
·        Look at .ascx examples
·        DNN Skin User Controls
·        DNN Solpart Menu
·        Skin Thumbnails
Lab 2:  Building a Simple 1 Column .ASCX Skin
Section 5:  CSS in DotNetNuke
·        Default Stylesheets
·        Admin Level Stylesheets
·        CSS Precedence
·        Use of CSS Resets
Lab 3:  Building a Multi Column CSS Driven Layout
Section 6:  Standards Compliance in DNN
·        Understanding Doctype in DNN
·        Standards Compliance Issues and Fixes
Section 7:  Containers
·        Container File Structure
·        Container Controls and Menus
·        Semantic Markup in Container Coding
Lab 4:  Build a CSS Driven Container
Section 8:  Beyond Basics
·        Use of third party menus and controls (Telerik)
·        Modifying the FCK Text Editor
·        Replacing the Default Text Editor
Section 9:  Wrapping Up - Packaging for Distribution
·        Packaging .ascx skin
·        Deployment concerns when third party components are used.

Upcoming Classes: Sep 23 ; Nov 11  Register
Single Day $500