Get the Most Out of Your CRM

Get the Most Out of Your CRM
When implementing a CRM, it’s critical to design a strategy that includes how to assess the overall productiveness of the system within your business. Knowing upfront what your business needs are and what you want to accomplish will start you on your path. However, in the end, the software won’t produce results without executing a solid strategy.

Maximizing existing resources will not only ensure a well-rounded perspective during execution, but gaining buy-in is always a huge factor in the success of new project implementation. To ensure a positive endorsement, determine who should be involved from the start. Consider department staff and executives. Also, assess whether outside resources might provide further support in achieving your objectives.

Once goals are set, you should determine the criteria by which they will be measured. Though most CRM’s come with out-of-the-box reporting options, it will likely be necessary to build custom reports to manage your specific objectives. This process may involve working directly with the CRM vendor, so it’s important to plan your time and budget appropriately.

Finally, the most significant, and often overlooked, factor to a successful CRM strategy is ensuring that only accurate, current and essential information is being stored and managed. This is typically where two-thirds of CRM initiatives fail. Bad data results in poor business decisions. Be sure to clean your data before pulling it into the CRM and consistently maintain the quality of that data. Maintaining a CRM is a continuous process, so look for ways to build maintenance into your system. This will be less challenging with a single database, as formats can vary and cause discrepancies if pulling from various sources.

You’re investing a lot of time and money in a power tool that has the ability to maximize productivity within your business. In order to yield valuable results from your CRM, remember that your business processes should continuously evolve with your product or services. A CRM cannot help you succeed without consistent practices and maintenance.