Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website – Part I

Getting the Best Out of Your Business Website – Part I

Review your Website Design
Remember your company's website is your first impression for potential customers. You only have few seconds to engage visitors and keep them on your site, it is important that your messaging be clear the moment customers hit your home page.  

1. Does it clearly communicate your products and services and is easy to navigate? If not, visitors may lose interest and leave your site, which will not add up to repeat customers.

2. Does it incorporate great visual design, animation or pictures? This will always enhance a website. 

3. Do not underestimate the power of using simple language, look at Facebook's homepage; they do a great job of making their service obvious from the start. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life, it is hard to confuse what they are selling.

Making Your Website Easy to Use
If you are starting at the ground level, it is vital to have both information architects and technical developers in the creative development process. You not only need the contribution of conceptual ideas but also the technical perspective that brings your visitors an experience that is efficient and pleasant from a user flow and navigation standpoint. Make sure to test resources, links and that pages have quick download times.

The Internet is cluttered with bad, cheap, and poorly designed websites. Make yours relevant, attractive and usable and you will attract the right audience and form lasting relationships with customers.

Give Your Brand Life
So many corporate websites lack a life or personality of their own. The overuse of stock photos, business jargon, static content and generic web design, all undermine a user’s experience. Your web site serves as a digital interface between your customers and your company, product, and services. The best way to create solid, identifiable branding is to be yourself, create your culture by addressing your customers on a real-time basis and let them connect with each other through your brand. With social technology, like Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to make your web presence interactive and collaborative.

Build the irreplaceable Email List
Though it has been around since the beginning of the web, the email list has been proven to be a company’s most valuable marketing asset. Capture value from visitors to your website by having an email management tool on your site. Staying in touch through traditional marketing campaigns can yield major returns.