Hiding DNN Admin and Host Menus the Easy Way

Instructions for DNN 4.x and 5.x

Hiding DNN Admin and Host Menus the Easy Way

In previous DotNetNuke versions, it was difficult to remove the Admin and Host menus from the root DNN menu. In 5.x versions, there is an easy way to do this.

Why hide the Admin and Host menus?
In many skins applied to a DNN web site, the menu's real estate is limited.  In fact, the root menu is usually intended to hold a specific number of pages.  When an Admin or Host logs in, additional menus appear in the root. In this example, they are forced to wrap to the next line, breaking the style of the site.  There have been other options, such as using a third-party menu that can give more control of the menu. DNN 5 provides an easier approach.

Hiding the menus
In later versions of DNN, changing the Host page will cause the Host Dashboard to not work. If you are running DNN 5.x, run the following script instead of

Update {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}Tabs]
Set IsVisible = 0
Where tabName like 'Admin' or TabName like 'Host'

Please note, the script is an sample of the script you should use. You should always back up you database before running scripts

The following only applies for DNN 4.x:
1. In the Control Panel, in the upper right, select Admin.
2. In DNN 5, both the Admin and Host pages display a list of the pages beneath them.  Since these are always available from the Control Panel, the 
3. On the Admin page, click Settings.  On the Admin page's settings, deselect Include in Menu.
4. Repeat for Host page.

Now the Admin and Host pages will not appear in the site's menu.  They are accessible through the Control Panel.