Is your company website ready for the New Year?

Kicking off a great year!

Is your company website ready for the New Year?
Successful companies fully use the resources they have to deliver the right information the most effective way. Having a great website and maintaining it is a critical part of your business success.  Is your company’s website ready for the New Year?  Here’s a short checklist to ensure an effective website presence in 2016.

1. Check Your Domain – Commonly overlooked, make sure it's registered for as long as possible and contact information is current. Search engines like to see a domain has been around for some time and intends on staying, so the longer you renew, the better.

2. Consistent Branding – Really evaluate the overall design of your site. Is it dated, missing that high-design look and feel? Is your content current and well placed? Are logos, products and services consistent and compelling? Your brand is what people remember and your site needs to show that.

3. Relevant Content – If you expect visitors to get the most out of your site, take the time to navigate your site, starting with your home page, following menus and check links to make sure visitors don’t experience problems when on your site. Is content current, eye-catching and sells your message?

4. Calls to Action - Consider calls-to-action to engage visitors to interact with your site.

5. Searchable Content – Attention to SEO is a must, it offers increased traffic and site visitor growth, tagging, categorization and can be the difference between finding you first over your competition.

6. Search Functionality – Be sure you have search capability on your site, especially if you have a large range of products or services. This will help people to find things as quickly as possible.

7. Social Media – Building social communities on your website is vital to better engage your customers. Nowadays, people are looking for more interaction with companies and they are investing time in social communities to better understand products and services through the eyes of their peers.

8. Mobile – Would your customers benefit from being able to find you while on the go? Nowadays business lose big without a mobile site. Make sure your business is available to as much market share as possible.

9. Integration with 3rd-Party Products – Does your site partner with suppliers or offer customer payment features or access to external resources? Consider these options and make sure they work flawlessly.

10. Test Email Addresses – Make sure all email addresses included on your site work properly and are getting to the right people.

11. Review Web Standards – Be sure your website meets all current web standards, 508 compliance and W3C standards.

12. Update Copyright – Frequently missed, be sure to change copyright on your site to current year.

Overall, ensure your site flows easily and site visitors can get to your products and information efficiently. Confirm photos are professional and showcase your brand. And make sure your content shows the benefit to customers needing your product or service.