Shifts in Digital Marketing

What to expect in new trends

Shifts in Digital Marketing

Keeping up with leading online marketing strategies can be tough.  New technology emerges each year and users have developed expectations, whether it’s more imaginative or simply fresher concepts.  Stay ahead of the competition by evolving with new trends.  Here are some up-and-coming tactics and those tried-and-true methods that continue to dominate online marketing.

1. If you haven’t gone mobile yet, you’re already behind the times.  Mobile will far surpass desktop usage this year.  In 2015, we saw an enormous rise in mobile adoption, partly due to Google’s inclusion of mobile-friendly sites in its search rankings.  Given that mobile usage is already dominating in 10 countries around the world, they are now predicting the same influx here in the states. 

2. Algorithms are changing and apps are on the rise.  This year, Google adjusted it’s formula to reward mobile friendly websites, now using data from indexed apps as a factor in search rankings.  Studies show users are inclined toward a more responsive and convenient app, which means mobile websites are on a decline and, with Google encouraging the shift, they may eventually take a back seat to a more individual experience.

3. The evolution of video ads persists.  While they aren’t new, it’s said that 2016 will dawn a new reign for video ads.  Many online giants like Bing and Facebook are now offering video options to advertisers and Google now includes this content in their search-ranking algorithm.  Whether viewed by choice or forced to watch 10 seconds before continuing to the next level of Clash of the Clans, users seem to have finally jumped on the bandwagon and businesses are finding these ads very effective.

4. The craze for wearable technology will grow.  Various companies have already begun to compete with Apple’s first gen smartwatch and this trend is expected to grow 35% in the next few years.  In order to adapt to such small screens, businesses are beginning to adopt a “listicle” content formats rather than customary articles.  Online marketing will evolve to include strategies for on-the-go info and content that can easily be searched with voice commands, as many already do via Siri and Cyberon.

5. Virtual reality becomes part of the future.  Again.  From video games to general applications, several devices are slated to launch in the next few years.  The demand for Oculus Rift is just one indicator that VR devices will open doors for new forms of advertising that reaches people through common social media tools, video channels and eventually, individualized messaging.

While blindly investing in new trends may not be wise, any business that inspires to grow and succeed in the future needs to investigate online progression, consider up-and-coming technology and strategize with those in mind.  We encourage businesses to start here for 2016!