Enterprise Solutions

Full service solutions for dynamic businesses

Having a strategy is a matter of discipline. It requires a strong focus on growth, an ability to define a unique value proposition, and a willingness to make tough trade-offs in choosing what not to do, and that leads to profitability.

Michael E. Porter

Find the right partner. Find the right solution.

It's no longer enough to have developers build websites and custom modules. Building "tools" without the right overall business strategy will never achieve the full business value you need. Businesses today need true line-of-business applications that are powerful, flexible, and can easily integrate. They need tools that work! Providing business acumen, implementing solutions across various markets, helps businesses meet specific demands. Our team works with you to determine the best approach for your specific needs, from business strategy to technical deployment and post-support.

  • End-to-End solutions
  • Technical solutions

As business requirements vary, so do solutions. In industries such as healthcare, real estate, aviation, public safety, international media, and commercial insurance systems, our offerings include:

  • Creative design and content authoring
  • Business process mapping / workflow
  • Technical design, code analysis, data design
  • Systems and process integration
  • Handover, including IT adoption, training, and end-user buy-in
  • Hosting, maintenance, and support plans

Ingen Systems provides award-winning solutions by leading in the latest technologies and adapting to market trends. Implemented solutions include:

  • Enterprise content management and publishing
  • Form management systems
  • Mobile frameworks
  • Process workflow
  • Data mining solutions
  • Content syndication through web and mobile technologies
  • Social marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and QR code analytics and trending