Business Integrated Mobile Platform

It means one thing to everyone - connectivity - no matter where you happen to find yourself. The on-the-go flexibility to do what you need to without restrictions, whether in the field or while on vacation.

Central Administration
We provide a full range of mobile tools to allow your business to easily manage your information across mobile and web solutions. With powerful two-way information sharing, bring your customers the value they expect from your products and services.
DNN Integration
Use your DNN web application to gather and distribute data. Utilize internal data from your existing DNN modules (XMod, HTML, blogs, etc.), or query SQL Server itself. Or collect information from external sources, whether SML, RSS, JSON. Define your data and consume it within your mobile app.
Cross Platform
Our framework provides identical functionality across the most popular platforms. With this approach, your applications can be built once and made available to your clients regardless of platform.
Enterprise Mobile Applications
Build line-of-business mobile applications that are fully managed by you. Manage data from one location. Share data with the web and mobile in one step.