Our Approach to Web Development

Our approach to a successful project starts with discovery and ends with reinforcing our dedication to your satisfaction with exceptional support.


Gathering and interpreting valuable data is the key to successful project execution. During this stage, we clearly identify functional and operational requirements, digging deep into the details of your business and evaluating: objectives, target audience, site functionality, content presentation, hosting, maintenance, and training needs. We will define project scope and budget and outline a project plan to stay on target with these goals.


In this phase, requirements determined during Discovery are used to make design choices. This may yield various types of documentation, including workflows, diagrams and mockups. We typically submit 1-3 site design choices to the client for review. The selected design is adjusted, finalized and then used in development of the project.


Once designs are approved, developers begin coding the project framework and designers begin creating graphics. When the framework is complete, the project moves forward into full programming and integration. This is usually the most time intensive part of the process, as it may include multiple integration points and complexities.


After development is complete, we release a “beta.” During this stage, we collaborate with the client for extensive testing to ensure everything runs smoothly. We encourage clients to provide feedback on all elements of the project and, once approved, the website or application is moved from staging to production, ready for launch.


At this point, the website or application goes live and users have complete access. It's important to gain full buy-in, so we invite feedback from users to address any reasonable adjustments to the site's usability and consistency. Depending on the scope of modifications needed, as assessed by the client, future project phases may be suggested and outlined.


Our company provides continuous support and maintenance, as outlined in the project requirements, to ensure the technology continues to operate seamlessly. We recognize the importance of on-going service and any further updates or features can be evaluated to make sure your website or application meets your expectations.